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After ordering the meals for the day with his usual parsimony, thegoodman, having locked the closets containing the supplies, was aboutto go towards the fruit-garden, when Nanon stopped him to say,,"Monsieur, give me a little flour and some butter, and I'll make a/galette/ for the young ones."

"Are you going to pillage the house on account of my nephew?""I wasn't thinking any more of your nephew than I was of your dog,,not more than you think yourself; for, look here, you've only forkedout six bits of sugar. I want eight."

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"What's all this, Nanon? I have never seen you like this before. Whathave you got in your head? Are you the mistress here? You sha'n't havemore than six pieces of sugar."

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"Well, then, how is your nephew to sweeten his coffee?" wigjig

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