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"I am coming," he answered, as he rose, taking his comb toarrange his hair.

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She stood still for a minute, and he, noticing it, threw down hiscomb and made a step towards her, but at that very moment sheturned suddenly and went with quick light steps along the stripof carpet in the middle of the passage.

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"Dear me, what a fool I am," thought Nekhludoff. "Why did I notstop her?" What he wanted her for he did not know himself, but hefelt that when she came into his room something should have beendone, something that is generally done on such occasions, andthat he had left it undone.

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"Katusha, wait," he said. wig cap types

"What do you want?" she said, stopping.

"Nothing, only," and, with an effort, remembering how men in hisposition generally behave, he put his arm round her waist.

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