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"Yes; but we ought to have known that ourselves. It was ourmistake." wig human hair

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"And now the fourth point," the advocate continued. "The form ofthe answer given by the jury contained an evident contradiction.Maslova is accused of wilfully poisoning Smelkoff, her one objectbeing that of cupidity, the only motive to commit murder shecould have had. The jury in their verdict acquit her of theintent to rob, or participation in the stealing of valuables,from which it follows that they intended also to acquit her ofthe intent to murder, and only through a misunderstanding, whicharose from the incompleteness of the president's summing up,omitted to express it in due form in their answer. Therefore ananswer of this kind by the jury absolutely demanded theapplication of statutes 816 and 808 of the criminal code ofprocedure, i.e., an explanation by the president to the jury ofthe mistake made by them, and another debate on the question ofthe prisoner's guilt."

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"Then why did the president not do it?"

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