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"I had just then gone out of the room," said Peter Gerasimovitch,turning to Nekhludoff, "and your thoughts must have beenwool-gathering to let the thing pass."

"I never imagined this," Nekhludoff replied. wig hair color chart

"Oh, you didn't?"

"Oh, well, we can get it put right," said Nekhludoff. wig is fashion review

"Oh, dear no; it's finished." wig images

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Nekhludoff looked at the prisoners. They whose fate was beingdecided still sat motionless behind the grating in front of thesoldiers. Maslova was smiling. Another feeling stirred inNekhludoff's soul. Up to now, expecting her acquittal andthinking she would remain in the town, he was uncertain how toact towards her. Any kind of relations with her would be so verydifficult. But Siberia and penal servitude at once cut off everypossibility of any kind of relations with her. The wounded birdwould stop struggling in the game-bag, and no longer remind himof its existence.

CHAPTER XXIV. wig install


Peter Gerasimovitch's assumption was correct. The president cameback from the debating room with a paper, and read asfollows:,"April 28th, 188-. By His Imperial Majesty's ukase No.,,- The Criminal Court, on the strength of the decision of thejury, in accordance with Section 3 of Statute 771, Section 3 ofStatutes 770 and 777, decrees that the peasant, Simeon Kartinkin,33 years of age, and the meschanka Katerina Maslova, 27 years ofage, are to be deprived of all property rights and to be sent topenal servitude in Siberia, Kartinkin for eight, Maslova for fouryears, with the consequences stated in Statute 25 of the code.The meschanka Botchkova, 43 years of age, to be deprived of allspecial personal and acquired rights, and to be imprisoned forthree years with consequences in accord with Statute 48 of thecode. The costs of the case to be borne equally by the prisoners;and, in the case of their being without sufficient property, thecosts to be transferred to the Treasury. Articles of materialevidence to be sold, the ring to be returned, the phialsdestroyed." Botchkova was condemned to prison, Simeon Kartinkenand Katerina Maslova to the loss of all special rights andprivileges and to penal servitude in Siberia, he for eight andshe for four years.

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