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"Take care of it all. You will render me an account yonder!" he said,proving by these last words that Christianity must always be thereligion of misers.

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Eugenie Grandet was now alone in the world in that gray house, withnone but Nanon to whom she could turn with the certainty of beingheard and understood,,Nanon the sole being who loved her for herselfand with whom she could speak of her sorrows. La Grande Nanon was aprovidence for Eugenie. She was not a servant, but a humble friend.After her father's death Eugenie learned from Maitre Cruchot that shepossessed an income of three hundred thousand francs from landed andpersonal property in the arrondissement of Saumur; also six millionsinvested at three per cent in the Funds (bought at sixty, and nowworth seventy-six francs); also two millions in gold coin, and ahundred thousand francs in silver crown-pieces, besides all theinterest which was still to be collected. The sum total of herproperty reached seventeen millions.

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