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"Oh, do not correct yourself, but rather tell us why WE are sobad," said Katerina Alexeevna, playing with her words andpretending not to notice how serious Nekhludoff was. wig hair

"Nothing is worse than to confess to being in low spirits," saidMissy. "I never do it, and therefore am always in good spirits."

Nekhludoff felt as a horse must feel when it is being caressed tomake it submit to having the bit put in its mouth and beharnessed, and to-day he felt less than ever inclined to draw. wig holder

"Well, are you coming into my room? We will try to cheer you up."

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He excused himself, saying he had to be at home, and began takingleave. Missy kept his hand longer than usual. h wigoder

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"Remember that what is important to you is important to yourfriends," she said. "Are you coming tomorrow?"

"I hardly expect to," said Nekhludoff; and feeling ashamed,without knowing whether for her or for himself, he blushed andwent away.

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