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He thought of that dreadful night, with its mist, the icebreaking on the river below, and when the waning moon, with hornsturned upwards, that had risen towards morning, lit up somethingblack and weird. These two black eyes now looking at him remindedhim of this weird, black something. "She has recognised me," hethought, and Nekhludoff shrank as if expecting a blow. But shehad not recognised him. She sighed quietly and again looked atthe president. Nekhludoff also sighed. "Oh, if it would only geton quicker," he thought. h wightman

He now felt the same loathing and pity and vexation as when, outshooting, he was obliged to kill a wounded bird. The wounded birdstruggles in the game bag. One is disgusted and yet feels pity,and one is in a hurry to kill the bird and forget it. g wagon price

Such mixed feelings filled Nekhludoff's breast as he satlistening to the examination of the witnesses.


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But, as if to spite him, the case dragged out to a great length.After each witness had been examined separately and the expertlast of all, and a great number of useless questions had beenput, with the usual air of importance, by the public prosecutorand by both advocates, the president invited the jury to examinethe objects offered as material evidence. They consisted of anenormous diamond ring, which had evidently been worn on the firstfinger, and a test tube in which the poison had been analysed.These things had seals and labels attached to them.

Just as the witnesses were about to look at these things, thepublic prosecutor rose and demanded that before they did this theresults of the doctor's examination of the body should be read.The president, who was hurrying the business through as fast ashe could in order to visit his Swiss friend, though he knew thatthe reading of this paper could have no other effect than that ofproducing weariness and putting off the dinner hour, and that thepublic prosecutor wanted it read simply because he knew he had aright to demand it, had no option but to express his consent. g wagon interior

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