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"Good-morning, Agraphena Petrovna. What is it you want?"Nekhludoff asked. wig hair

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"A letter from the princess; either from the mother or thedaughter. The maid brought it some time ago, and is waiting in myroom," answered Agraphena Petrovna, handing him the letter with asignificant smile.

"All right! Directly!" said Nekhludoff, taking the letter andfrowning as he noticed Agraphena Petrovna's smile. h wightman son ltd bungay

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That smile meant that the letter was from the younger PrincessKorchagin, whom Agraphena Petrovna expected him to marry. Thissupposition of hers annoyed Nekhludoff. wig hairspray

"Then I'll tell her to wait?" and Agraphena Petrovna took a crumbbrush which was not in its place, put it away, and sailed out ofthe room.

Nekhludoff opened the perfumed note, and began reading it.

The note was written on a sheet of thick grey paper, with roughedges; the writing looked English. It said:

Having assumed the task of acting as your memory, I take theliberty of reminding you that on this the 28th day of April youhave to appear at the Law Courts, as juryman, and, inconsequence, can on no account accompany us and Kolosoff to thepicture gallery, as, with your habitual flightiness, you promisedyesterday; a moins que vous ne soyez dispose a payer la courd'assise les 300 roubles d'amende que vous vous refusez pourvotre cheval, for not appearing in time. I remembered it lastnight after you were gone, so do not forget.

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