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"By the diligence!" said Eugenie. "A thing for which I would have laiddown my life!"

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Terrible and utter disaster! The ship went down, leaving not a spar,not a plank, on a vast ocean of hope! Some women when they seethemselves abandoned will try to tear their lover from the arms of arival, they will kill her, and rush to the ends of the earth,,to thescaffold, to their tomb. That, no doubt, is fine; the motive of thecrime is a great passion, which awes even human justice. Other womenbow their heads and suffer in silence; they go their way dying,resigned, weeping, forgiving, praying, and recollecting, till theydraw their last breath. This is love,,true love, the love of angels,the proud love which lives upon its anguish and dies of it. Such wasEugenie's love after she had read that dreadful letter. She raised hereyes to heaven, thinking of the last words uttered by her dyingmother, who, with the prescience of death, had looked into the futurewith clear and penetrating eyes: Eugenie, remembering that propheticdeath, that prophetic life, measured with one glance her own destiny.Nothing was left for her; she could only unfold her wings, stretchupward to the skies, and live in prayer until the day of herdeliverance.

"My mother was right," she said, weeping. "Suffer,and die!"XIV

Eugenie came slowly back from the garden to the house, and avoidedpassing, as was her custom, through the corridor. But the memory ofher cousin was in the gray old hall and on the chimney-piece, wherestood a certain saucer and the old Sevres sugar-bowl which she usedevery morning at her breakfast.

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