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"But, monsieur," said Nanon, "who wouldn't feel pity for the pooryoung man, sleeping there like a wooden shoe, without knowing what'scoming?"

"I didn't speak to you, Nanon. Hold your tongue!" wig gripper

Eugenie learned at that moment that the woman who loves must be ableto hide her feelings. She did not answer. f.wiggs

"You will say nothing to him about it, Ma'ame Grandet, till I return,"said the old man. "I have to go and straighten the line of my hedgealong the high-road. I shall be back at noon, in time for the secondbreakfast, and then I will talk with my nephew about his affairs. Asfor you, Mademoiselle Eugenie, if it is for that dandy you are crying,that's enough, child. He's going off like a shot to the Indies. Youwill never see him again."


The father took his gloves from the brim of his hat, put them on withhis usual composure, pushed them in place by shoving the fingers ofboth hands together, and went out.

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"Mamma, I am suffocating!" cried Eugenie when she was alone with hermother; "I have never suffered like this."

Madame Grandet, seeing that she turned pale, opened the window and lether breathe fresh air. g wagon price

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