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In order that he might make a becoming first appearance before hisuncle either at Saumur or at Froidfond, he had put on his most eleganttravelling attire, simple yet exquisite,,"adorable," to use the wordwhich in those days summed up the special perfections of a man or athing. At Tours a hairdresser had re-curled his beautiful chestnutlocks; there he changed his linen and put on a black satin cravat,which, combined with a round shirt-collar, framed his fair and smilingcountenance agreeably. A travelling great-coat, only half buttoned up,nipped in his waist and disclosed a cashmere waistcoat crossed infront, beneath which was another waistcoat of white material. Hiswatch, negligently slipped into a pocket, was fastened by a short goldchain to a buttonhole. His gray trousers, buttoned up at the sides,were set off at the seams with patterns of black silk embroidery. Hegracefully twirled a cane, whose chased gold knob did not mar thefreshness of his gray gloves. And to complete all, his cap was inexcellent taste. None but a Parisian, and a Parisian of the upperspheres, could thus array himself without appearing ridiculous; noneother could give the harmony of self-conceit to all these fopperies,which were carried off, however, with a dashing air,,the air of ayoung man who has fine pistols, a sure aim, and Annette. g waggon

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Now if you wish to understand the mutual amazement of the provincialparty and the young Parisian; if you would clearly see the brilliancewhich the traveller's elegance cast among the gray shadows of the roomand upon the faces of this family group,,endeavor to picture to yourminds the Cruchots. All three took snuff, and had long ceased torepress the habit of snivelling or to remove the brown blotches whichstrewed the frills of their dingy shirts and the yellowing creases oftheir crumpled collars. Their flabby cravats were twisted into ropesas soon as they wound them about their throats. The enormous quantityof linen which allowed these people to have their clothing washed onlyonce in six months, and to keep it during that time in the depths oftheir closets, also enabled time to lay its grimy and decaying stainsupon it. There was perfect unison of ill-grace and senility aboutthem; their faces, as faded as their threadbare coats, as creased astheir trousers, were worn-out, shrivelled-up, and puckered. As for theothers, the general negligence of their dress, which was incompleteand wanting in freshness,,like the toilet of all country places,where insensibly people cease to dress for others and come to thinkseriously of the price of a pair of gloves,,was in keeping with thenegligence of the Cruchots. A horror of fashion was the only point onwhich the Grassinists and the Cruchotines agreed. wig gif

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When the Parisian took up his eye-glass to examine the strangeaccessories of this dwelling,,the joists of the ceiling, the color ofthe woodwork, and the specks which the flies had left there insufficient number to punctuate the "Moniteur" and the "Encyclopaediaof Sciences,",the loto-players lifted their noses and looked at himwith as much curiosity as they might have felt about a giraffe.Monsieur des Grassins and his son, to whom the appearance of a man offashion was not wholly unknown, were nevertheless as much astonishedas their neighbors, whether it was that they fell under theindefinable influence of the general feeling, or that they reallyshared it as with satirical glances they seemed to say to theircompatriots,,

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"That is what you see in Paris!"

They were able to examine Charles at their leisure without fearing todisplease the master of the house. Grandet was absorbed in the longletter which he held in his hand; and to read it he had taken the onlycandle upon the card-table, paying no heed to his guests or theirpleasure. Eugenie, to whom such a type of perfection, whether of dressor of person, was absolutely unknown, thought she beheld in her cousina being descended from seraphic spheres. She inhaled with delight thefragrance wafted from the graceful curls of that brilliant head. Shewould have liked to touch the soft kid of the delicate gloves. Sheenvied Charles his small hands, his complexion, the freshness andrefinement of his features. In short,,if it is possible to sum up theeffect this elegant being produced upon an ignorant young girlperpetually employed in darning stockings or in mending her father'sclothes, and whose life flowed on beneath these unclean rafters,seeing none but occasional passers along the silent street,,thisvision of her cousin roused in her soul an emotion of delicate desirelike that inspired in a young man by the fanciful pictures of womendrawn by Westall for the English "Keepsakes," and that engraved by theFindens with so clever a tool that we fear, as we breathe upon thepaper, that the celestial apparitions may be wafted away. Charles drewfrom his pocket a handkerchief embroidered by the great lady nowtravelling in Scotland. As Eugenie saw this pretty piece of work, donein the vacant hours which were lost to love, she looked at her cousinto see if it were possible that he meant to make use of it. Themanners of the young man, his gestures, the way in which he took uphis eye-glass, his affected superciliousness, his contemptuous glanceat the coffer which had just given so much pleasure to the richheiress, and which he evidently regarded as without value, or even asridiculous,,all these things, which shocked the Cruchots and the desGrassins, pleased Eugenie so deeply that before she slept she dreamedlong dreams of her phoenix cousin.

The loto-numbers were drawn very slowly, and presently the game camesuddenly to an end. La Grand Nanon entered and said aloud: "Madame, Iwant the sheets for monsieur's bed."

Madame Grandet followed her out. Madame des Grassins said in a lowvoice: "Let us keep our sous and stop playing." Each took his or hertwo sous from the chipped saucer in which they had been put; then theparty moved in a body toward the fire.

"Have you finished your game?" said Grandet, without looking up fromhis letter.

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