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He was going to add that if they gave an affirmative answer toany question that was put to them they would thereby affirmeverything included in the question, so that if they did not wishto affirm the whole of the question they should mention the partof the question they wished to be excepted. But, glancing at theclock. and seeing it was already five minutes to three, heresolved to trust to their being intelligent enough to understandthis without further comment. wig for kid

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"The facts of this case are the following," began the president,and repeated all that had already been said several times by theadvocates, the public prosecutor and the witnesses.

The president spoke, and the members on each side of him listenedwith deeply-attentive expressions, but looked from time to timeat the clock, for they considered the speech too long though verygood,i.e., such as it ought to be. The public prosecutor, thelawyers, and, in fact, everyone in the court, shared the sameimpression. The president finished the summing up. Then he foundit necessary to tell the jury what they all knew, or might havefound out by reading it up,i.e., how they were to consider thecase, count the votes, in case of a tie to acquit the prisoners,and so on. wig for kid

Everything seemed to have been told; but no, the president couldnot forego his right of speaking as yet. It was so pleasant tohear the impressive tones of his own voice, and therefore hefound it necessary to say a few words more about the importanceof the rights given to the jury, how carefully they should usethe rights and how they ought not to abuse them, about theirbeing on their oath, that they were the conscience of society,that the secrecy of the debating-room should be consideredsacred, etc.

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