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Nekhludoff followed the direction. f.wiggs

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Meanwhile some of the Criminal Court jurymen who were late hadhurriedly passed into a separate room. At the door mentioned twomen stood waiting. wig frontal

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One, a tall, fat merchant, a kind-hearted fellow, had evidentlypartaken of some refreshments and a glass of something, and wasin most pleasant spirits. The other was a shopman of Jewishextraction. They were talking about the price of wool whenNekhludoff came up and asked them if this was the jurymen's room. wig goals

"Yes, my dear sir, this is it. One of us? On the jury, are you?"asked the merchant, with a merry wink.

"Ah, well, we shall have a go at the work together," hecontinued, after Nekhludoff had answered in the affirmative. "Myname is Baklasheff, merchant of the Second Guild," he said,putting out his broad, soft, flexible hand.

"With whom have I the honour?"

Nekhludoff gave his name and passed into the jurymen's room.

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