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When the four relations were left alone, Monsieur Grandet said to hisnephew,, e wightman

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"We must go to bed. It is too late to talk about the matters whichhave brought you here; to-morrow we will take a suitable moment. Webreakfast at eight o'clock; at midday we eat a little fruit or a bitof bread, and drink a glass of white wine; and we dine, like theParisians, at five o'clock. That's the order of the day. If you liketo go and see the town and the environs you are free to do so. Youwill excuse me if my occupations do not permit me to accompany you.You may perhaps hear people say that I am rich,,Monsieur Grandetthis, Monsieur Grandet that. I let them talk; their gossip does nothurt my credit. But I have not a penny; I work in my old age like anapprentice whose worldly goods are a bad plane and two good arms.Perhaps you'll soon know yourself what a franc costs when you have gotto sweat for it. Nanon, where are the candles?" f wight

"I trust, my nephew, that you will find all you want," said MadameGrandet; "but if you should need anything else, you can call Nanon.""My dear aunt, I shall need nothing; I have, I believe, broughteverything with me. Permit me to bid you good-night, and my youngcousin also."

Charles took a lighted wax candle from Nanon's hand,,an Anjou candle,very yellow in color, and so shopworn that it looked like tallow anddeceived Monsieur Grandet, who, incapable of suspecting its presenceunder his roof, did not perceive this magnificence. wigan f c

"I will show you the way," he said. e-wigs.com reviews

Instead of leaving the hall by the door which opened under thearchway, Grandet ceremoniously went through the passage which dividedthe hall from the kitchen. A swing-door, furnished with a large ovalpane of glass, shut this passage from the staircase, so as to fend offthe cold air which rushed through it. But the north wind whistled nonethe less keenly in winter, and, in spite of the sand-bags at thebottom of the doors of the living-room, the temperature within couldscarcely be kept at a proper height. Nanon went to bolt the outerdoor; then she closed the hall and let loose a wolf-dog, whose barkwas so strangled that he seemed to have laryngitis. This animal, notedfor his ferocity, recognized no one but Nanon; the two untutoredchildren of the fields understood each other.

When Charles saw the yellow, smoke-stained walls of the well of thestaircase, where each worm-eaten step shook under the heavy foot-fallof his uncle, his expectations began to sober more and more. Hefancied himself in a hen-roost. His aunt and cousin, to whom he turnedan inquiring look, were so used to the staircase that they did notguess the cause of his amazement, and took the glance for anexpression of friendliness, which they answered by a smile that madehim desperate.

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