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"Maitre Cruchot, see how much ground this tree once took up! Jean," hecried to a laborer, "m-m-measure with your r-r-rule, b-both ways.""Four times eight feet," said the man.

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"Thirty-two feet lost," said Grandet to Cruchot. "I had three hundredpoplars in this one line, isn't that so? Well, then, three h-h-hundredtimes thir-thirty-two lost m-m-me five hundred in h-h-hay; add twiceas much for the side rows,,fifteen hundred; the middle rows as muchmore. So we may c-c-call it a th-thousand b-b-bales of h-h-hay,""Very good," said Cruchot, to help out his friend; "a thousand balesare worth about six hundred francs." wig for baby

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"Say t-t-twelve hundred, be-c-cause there's three or four hundredfrancs on the second crop. Well, then, c-c-calculate that t-twelvethousand francs a year for f-f-forty years with interest c-c-comesto,"

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"Say sixty thousand francs," said the notary. wig factory

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