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After this was done, it was thought important to eat, andparticularly to drink, in officers' clubs or the salons of thebest restaurants, squandering large sums of money, which camefrom some invisible source; then theatres, ballets, women, thenagain riding on horseback, waving of swords and shooting, andagain the squandering of money, the wine, cards, and women. Thiskind of life acts on military men even more depravingly than onothers, because if any other than a military man lead such a lifehe cannot help being ashamed of it in the depth of his heart. Amilitary man is, on the contrary, proud of a life of this kindespecially at war time, and Nekhludoff had entered the army justafter war with the Turks had been declared. "We are prepared tosacrifice our lives at the wars, and therefore a gay, recklesslife is not only pardonable, but absolutely necessary for us, andso we lead it."

Such were Nekhludoff's confused thoughts at this period of hisexistence, and he felt all the time the delight of being free ofthe moral barriers he had formerly set himself. And the state helived in was that of a chronic mania of selfishness. He was inthis state when, after three years' absence, he came again tovisit his aunts. wig en espanol

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CHAPTER XIV. d wiggins productions


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Nekhludoff went to visit his aunts because their estate lay nearthe road he had to travel in order to join his regiment, whichhad gone forward, because they had very warmly asked him to come,and especially because he wanted to see Katusha. Perhaps in hisheart he had already formed those evil designs against Katushawhich his now uncontrolled animal self suggested to him, but hedid not acknowledge this as his intention, but only wished to goback to the spot where he had been so happy, to see his ratherfunny, but dear, kind-hearted old aunts, who always, without hisnoticing it, surrounded him with an atmosphere of love andadmiration, and to see sweet Katusha, of whom he had retained sopleasant a memory.

He arrived at the end of March, on Good Friday, after the thawhad set in. It was pouring with rain so that he had not a drythread on him and was feeling very cold, but yet vigorous andfull of spirits, as always at that time. "Is she still withthem?" he thought, as he drove into the familiar, old-fashionedcourtyard, surrounded by a low brick wall, and now filled withsnow off the roofs. wig emoji

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