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For some days past, Charles's whole bearing, manners, and speech hadbecome those of a man who, in spite of his profound affliction, feelsthe weight of immense obligations and has the strength to gathercourage from misfortune. He no longer repined, he became a man.Eugenie never augured better of her cousin's character than when shesaw him come down in the plain black clothes which suited well withhis pale face and sombre countenance. On that day the two women put ontheir own mourning, and all three assisted at a Requiem celebrated inthe parish church for the soul of the late Guillaume Grandet.At the second breakfast Charles received letters from Paris and beganto read them. wig emporium

"Well, cousin, are you satisfied with the management of your affairs?"said Eugenie in a low voice. wig express

"Never ask such questions, my daughter," said Grandet. "What thedevil! do I tell you my affairs? Why do you poke your nose into yourcousin's? Let the lad alone!"

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