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He stopped, for he heard Monsieur des Grassins saying to the oldcooper as they shook hands,,

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"Grandet, we have heard of the frightful misfortunes which have justbefallen your family,,the failure of the house of Guillaume Grandetand the death of your brother. We have come to express our grief atthese sad events."

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"There is but one sad event," said the notary, interrupting thebanker,,"the death of Monsieur Grandet, junior; and he would neverhave killed himself had he thought in time of applying to his brotherfor help. Our old friend, who is honorable to his finger-nails,intends to liquidate the debts of the Maison Grandet of Paris. To savehim the worry of legal proceedings, my nephew, the president, has justoffered to go to Paris and negotiate with the creditors for asatisfactory settlement."

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These words, corroborated by Grandet's attitude as he stood silentlynursing his chin, astonished the three des Grassins, who had beenleisurely discussing the old man's avarice as they came along, verynearly accusing him of fratricide.

"Ah! I was sure of it," cried the banker, looking at his wife. "Whatdid I tell you just now, Madame des Grassins? Grandet is honorable tothe backbone, and would never allow his name to remain under theslightest cloud! Money without honor is a disease. There is honor inthe provinces! Right, very right, Grandet. I'm an old soldier, and Ican't disguise my thoughts; I speak roughly. Thunder! it is sublime!""Th-then s-s-sublime th-things c-c-cost d-dear," answered the goodman,as the banker warmly wrung his hand.

"But this, my dear Grandet,,if the president will excuse me,,is apurely commercial matter, and needs a consummate business man. Youragent must be some one fully acquainted with the markets,,withdisbursements, rebates, interest calculations, and so forth. I amgoing to Paris on business of my own, and I can take charge of,""We'll see about t-t-trying to m-m-manage it b-b-between us, under thep-p-peculiar c-c-circumstances, b-b-but without b-b-binding m-m-myselfto anything th-that I c-c-could not do," said Grandet, stuttering;"because, you see, monsieur le president naturally expects me to paythe expenses of his journey."

The goodman did not stammer over the last words.

"Eh!" cried Madame des Grassins, "why it is a pleasure to go to Paris.I would willingly pay to go myself." wig dome cap

She made a sign to her husband, as if to encourage him in cutting theenemy out of the commission, /coute que coute/; then she glancedironically at the two Cruchots, who looked chap-fallen. Grandet seizedthe banker by a button and drew him into a corner of the room."I have a great deal more confidence in you than in the president," hesaid; "besides, I've other fish to fry," he added, wriggling his wen."I want to buy a few thousand francs in the Funds while they are ateighty. They fall, I'm told, at the end of each month. You know allabout these things, don't you?" wig emoji

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