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"My dear nephew, that bespeaks a good heart." wig detangler

"You have a very pretty ring," said Eugenie; "is there any harm inasking to see it?"

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Charles held out his hand after loosening the ring, and Eugenieblushed as she touched the pink nails of her cousin with the tips ofher fingers.

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"See, mamma, what beautiful workmanship."

"My! there's a lot of gold!" said Nanon, bringing in the coffee."What is that?" exclaimed Charles, laughing, as he pointed to anoblong pot of brown earthenware, glazed on the inside, and edged witha fringe of ashes, from the bottom of which the coffee-grounds werebubbling up and falling in the boiling liquid.

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"It is boiled coffee," said Nanon.

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"Ah! my dear aunt, I shall at least leave one beneficent trace of myvisit here. You are indeed behind the age! I must teach you to makegood coffee in a Chaptal coffee-pot."

He tried to explain the process of a Chaptal coffee-pot.

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