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"I knew it," said the old wine-grower to the notary. wig donation

The words sent a chill of horror through Maitre Cruchot, who,notwithstanding his impassibility as a notary, felt the cold runningdown his spine as he thought that Grandet of Paris had possiblyimplored in vain the millions of Grandet of Saumur. c wright mills the power elite summary

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"And his son, so joyous yesterday,"

"He knows nothing as yet," answered Grandet, with the same composure."Adieu! Monsieur Grandet," said Cruchot, who now understood the stateof the case, and went off to reassure Monsieur de Bonfons.On entering, Grandet found breakfast ready. Madame Grandet, roundwhose neck Eugenie had flung her arms, kissing her with the quickeffusion of feeling often caused by secret grief, was already seatedin her chair on castors, knitting sleeves for the coming winter."You can begin to eat," said Nanon, coming downstairs four steps at atime; "the young one is sleeping like a cherub. Isn't he a darlingwith his eyes shut? I went in and I called him: no answer.""Let him sleep," said Grandet; "he'll wake soon enough to hear ill-tidings."

"What is it?" asked Eugenie, putting into her coffee the two littlebits of sugar weighing less than half an ounce which the old miseramused himself by cutting up in his leisure hours. Madame Grandet, whodid not dare to put the question, gazed at her husband.

"His father has blown his brains out."

"My uncle?" said Eugenie.

"Poor young man!" exclaimed Madame Grandet.

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