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It was much the same in this case. The resolution was taken, notbecause everybody agreed upon it, but because the president, whohad been summing up at such length, omitted to say what he alwayssaid on such occasions, that the answer might be, "Yes, guilty,but without the intent of taking life;" because the colonel hadrelated the story of his brother-in-law's wife at such greatlength; because Nekhludoff was too excited to notice that theproviso "without intent to take life" had been omitted, andthought that the words "without intent" nullified the conviction;because Peter Gerasimovitch had retired from the room while thequestions and answers were being read, and chiefly because, beingtired, and wishing to get away as soon as possible, all wereready to agree with the decision which would bring matters to anend soonest.

The jurymen rang the bell. The gendarme who had stood outside thedoor with his sword drawn put the sword back into the scabbardand stepped aside. The judges took their seats and the jury cameout one by one. wig catalogs

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The foreman brought in the paper with an air of solemnity andhanded it to the president, who looked at it, and, spreading outhis hands in astonishment, turned to consult his companions. Thepresident was surprised that the jury, having put in aproviso,without intent to rob,did not put in a secondproviso,without intent to take life. From the decision of thejury it followed that Maslova had not stolen, nor robbed, and yetpoisoned a man without any apparent reason.

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"Just see what an absurd decision they have come to," hewhispered to the member on his left. "This means penal servitudein Siberia, and she is innocent."

"Surely you do not mean to say she is innocent? answered theserious member.

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"Yes, she is positively innocent. I think this is a case forputting Article 817 into practice (Article 817 states that if theCourt considers the decision of the jury unjust it may set itaside)."

"What do you think?" said the president, turning to the othermember. The kindly member did not answer at once. He looked atthe number on a paper before him and added up the figures; thesum would not divide by three. He had settled in his mind that ifit did divide by three he would agree to the president'sproposal, but though the sum would not so divide his kindnessmade him agree all the same.

"I, too, think it should he done," he said.

"And you?" asked the president, turning to the serious member.

"On no account," he answered, firmly. "As it is, the papersaccuse the jury of acquitting prisoners. What will they say ifthe Court does it? I, shall not agree to that on any account."

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