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These words fell like a thunderbolt on the old man, who was not aswise about law as he was about business. He had never thought of alegal division of the estate. wig braids

"Therefore I advise you to treat her kindly," added Cruchot, inconclusion.

"But do you know what she has done, Cruchot?" wig collection

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"What?" asked the notary, curious to hear the truth and find out thecause of the quarrel. wig braids

"She has given away her gold!"

"Well, wasn't it hers?" said the notary.

"They all tell me that!" exclaimed the old man, letting his arms fallto his sides with a movement that was truly tragic.

"Are you going,for a mere nothing,",resumed Cruchot, "to putobstacles in the way of the concessions which you will be obliged toask from your daughter as soon as her mother dies?"

"Do you call six thousand francs a mere nothing?"

"Hey! my old friend, do you know what the inventory of your wife'sproperty will cost, if Eugenie demands the division?"

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