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"When a man so respected and important as, for example, your latebrother," b wigglebottom

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"M-my b-b-brother, yes." wig brands

",is threatened with insolvency," b wigglebottom

"They c-c-call it in-ins-s-solvency?"

"Yes; when his failure is imminent, the court of commerce, to which heis amenable (please follow me attentively), has the power, by adecree, to appoint a receiver. Liquidation, you understand, is not thesame as failure. When a man fails, he is dishonored; but when hemerely liquidates, he remains an honest man."

"T-t-that's very d-d-different, if it d-d-doesn't c-c-cost m-m-more,"said Grandet.

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