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"I know him," said Nekhludoff, and got up to go. At this moment ahorribly ugly, little, bony, snub-nosed, yellow-faced woman flewinto the room. It was the advocate's wife, who did not seem to bein the least bit troubled by her ugliness. She was attired in themost original manner; she seemed enveloped in something made ofvelvet and silk, something yellow and green, and her thin hairwas crimped. wig bangs

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She stepped out triumphantly into the ante-room, followed by atall, smiling man, with a greenish complexion, dressed in a coatwith silk facings, and a white tie. This was an author.Nekhludoff knew him by sight. wigan b&q

She opened the cabinet door and said, "Anatole, you must come tome. Here is Simeon Ivanovitch, who will read his poems, and youmust absolutely come and read about Garshin." b wiggins

Nekhludoff noticed that she whisper

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