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He arranged his life on his aunts' estate in the followingmanner. He got up very early, sometimes at three o'clock, andbefore sunrise went through the morning mists to bathe in theriver, under the hill. He returned while the dew still lay on thegrass and the flowers. Sometimes, having finished his coffee, hesat down with his books of reference and his papers to write hisessay, but very often, instead of reading or writing, he lefthome again, and wandered through the fields and the woods. Beforedinner he lay down and slept somewhere in the garden. At dinnerhe amused and entertained his aunts with his bright spirits, thenhe rode on horseback or went for a row on the river, and in theevening he again worked at his essay, or sat reading or playingpatience with his aunts.

His joy in life was so great that it agitated him, and kept himawake many a night, especially when it was moonlight, so thatinstead of sleeping he wandered about in the garden till dawn,alone with his dreams and fancies.

And so, peacefully and happily, he lived through the first monthof his stay with his aunts, taking no particular notice of theirhalf-ward, half-servant, the black-eyed, quick-footed Katusha.Then, at the age of nineteen, Nekhludoff, brought up under hismother's wing, was still quite pure. If a woman figured in hisdreams at all it was only as a wife. All the other women, who,according to his ideas he could not marry, were not women forhim, but human beings.

But on Ascension Day that summer, a neighbour of his aunts', andher family, consisting of two young daughters, a schoolboy, and ayoung artist of peasant origin who was staying with them, came tospend the day. After tea they all went to play in the meadow infront of the house, where the grass had already been mown. Theyplayed at the game of gorelki, and Katusha joined them. Runningabout and changing partners several times, Nekhludoff caughtKatusha, and she became his partner. Up to this time he had likedKatusha's looks, but the possibility of any nearer relations withher had never entered his mind. wig amazon

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