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But his excitement passed at once. The marechal do noblesse, ofthe district in which his largest estate lay, wrote only to letNekhludoff know that there was to be a special meeting towardsthe end of May, and that Nekhludoff was to be sure and come to"donner un coup d'epaule," at the important debates concerningthe schools and the roads, as a strong opposition by thereactionary party was expected. wig acronym

The marechal was a liberal, and was quite engrossed in thisfight, not even noticing the misfortune that had befallen him. wig boutique

Nekhludoff remembered the dreadful moments he had lived through;once when he thought that the husband had found him out and wasgoing to challenge him, and he was making up his mind to fireinto the air; also the terrible scene he had with her when sheran out into the park, and in her excitement tried to drownherself in the pond.

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"Well, I cannot go now, and can do nothing until I get a replyfrom her," thought Nekhludoff. A week ago he had written her adecisive letter, in which he acknowledged his guilt, and hisreadiness to atone for it; but at the same time he pronouncedtheir relations to be at an end, for her own good, as heexpressed it. To this letter he had as yet received no answer.This might prove a good sign, for if she did not agree to breakoff their relations, she would have written at once, or even comeherself, as she had done before. Nekhludoff had heard that therewas some officer who was paying her marked attention, and thistormented him by awakening jealousy, and at the same timeencouraged him with the hope of escape from the deception thatwas oppressing him.

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