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"Mamma, how many louis are there in a cask of wine?"

"Your father sells his from a hundred to a hundred and fifty francs,sometimes two hundred,,at least, so I've heard say." a wiggle in both space and time is a

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"Then papa must be rich?"

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"Perhaps he is. But Monsieur Cruchot told me he bought Froidfond twoyears ago; that may have pinched him." wig bonding glue

Eugenie, not being able to understand the question of her father'sfortune, stopped short in her calculations.

"He didn't even see me, the darling!" said Nanon, coming back from hererrand. "He's stretched out like a calf on his bed and crying like theMadeleine, and that's a blessing! What's the matter with the poor dearyoung man!" wig bonding glue

"Let us go and console him, mamma; if any one knocks, we can comedown."

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