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"No, monsieur l'abbe; I meant to say the /Liaisons dangereuses/.""Ah! that book is infinitely more moral," said the abbe, laughing."But you make me out as wicked as a young man of the present day; Ionly meant,"

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"Do you dare to tell me you were not thinking of putting wicked thingsinto my head? Isn't it perfectly clear? If this young man,who I admitis very good-looking,were to make love to me, he would not think ofhis cousin. In Paris, I know, good mothers do devote themselves inthis way to the happiness and welfare of their children; but we livein the provinces, monsieur l'abbe." wig accessories

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"Yes, madame." wig bob

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"And," she continued, "I do not want, and Adolphe himself would notwant, a hundred millions brought at such a price."

"Madame, I said nothing about a hundred millions; that temptationmight be too great for either of us to withstand. Only, I do thinkthat an honest woman may permit herself, in all honor, certainharmless little coquetries, which are, in fact, part of her socialduty and which,"

"Do you think so?"

"Are we not bound, madame, to make ourselves agreeable to each other?,Permit me to blow my nose.,I assure you, madame," he resumed, "thatthe young gentleman ogled you through his glass in a more flatteringmanner than he put on when he looked at me; but I forgive him fordoing homage to beauty in preference to old age,"

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