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The president paused until the prisoners had taken their seats,and when Maslova was seated, turned to the secretary. wig brush

Then the usual procedure commenced; the counting of the jury,remarks about those who had not come, the fixing of the fines tobe exacted from them, the decisions concerning those who claimedexemption, the appointing of reserve jurymen.

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Having folded up some bits of paper and put them in one of theglass vases, the president turned up the gold-embroidered cuffsof his uniform a little way, and began drawing the lots, one byone, and opening them. Nekhludoff was among the jurymen thusdrawn. Then, having let down his sleeves, the president requestedthe priest to swear in the jury. wig stand

The old priest, with his puffy, red face, his brown gown, and hisgold cross and little order, laboriously moving his stiff legs,came up to the lectern beneath the icon.

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The jurymen got up, and crowded towards the lectern.

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