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"Good-afternoon. If I can be of any use, my address is HouseDvornikoff, on the Dvoryanskaya; it's easy to remember." And hebowed in a friendly manner as he got into the trap and drove off. 50 off human hair wigs



His conversation with the president and the fresh air quietedNekhludoff a little. He now thought that the feelings experiencedby him had been exaggerated by the unusual surroundings in whichhe had spent the whole of the morning, and by that wonderful andstartling coincidence. Still, it was absolutely necessary to takesome steps to lighten Maslova's fate, and to take them quickly."Yes, at once! It will be best to find out here in the courtwhere the advocate Fanarin or Mikishin lives." These were twowell-known advocates whom Nekhludoff called to mind. He returnedto the court, took off his overcoat, and went upstairs. In thefirst corridor he met Fanarin himself. He stopped him, and toldhim that he was just going to look him up on a matter ofbusiness. 8 inch human hair wigs

Fanarin knew Nekhludoff by sight and name, and said he would bevery glad to be of service to him.

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"Though I am rather tired, still, if your business will not takevery long, perhaps you might tell me what it is now. Will youstep in here?" And he led Nekhludoff into a room, probably somejudge's cabinet. They sat down by the table.

"Well, and what is your business?"

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