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"To-day, mademoiselle," he said, "I have come to speak to you about apoor girl in whom the whole town of Saumur takes an interest, who,through lack of charity to herself, neglects her Christian duties.""Monsieur le cure, you have come to me at a moment when I cannot thinkof my neighbor, I am filled with thoughts of myself. I am veryunhappy; my only refuge is in the Church; her bosom is large enough tohold all human woe, her love so full that we may draw from its depthsand never drain it dry." oil for human hair wigs

"Mademoiselle, in speaking of this young girl we shall speak of you.Listen! If you wish to insure your salvation you have only two pathsto take,,either leave the world or obey its laws. Obey either yourearthly destiny or your heavenly destiny." 50 off human hair wigs

"Ah! your voice speaks to me when I need to hear a voice. Yes, God hassent you to me; I will bid farewell to the world and live for Godalone, in silence and seclusion."

"My daughter, you must think long before you take so violent a step.Marriage is life, the veil is death." looking for human hair wigs

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