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"Say sixty thousand francs," said the notary. human hair wigs for cancer patients

"I am willing; c-c-comes t-t-to sixty th-th-thousand. Very good,"continued Grandet, without stuttering: "two thousand poplars fortyyears old will only yield me fifty thousand francs. There's a loss. Ihave found that myself," said Grandet, getting on his high horse."Jean, fill up all the holes except those at the bank of the river;there you are to plant the poplars I have bought. Plant 'em there, andthey'll get nourishment from the government," he said, turning toCruchot, and giving a slight motion to the wen on his nose, whichexpressed more than the most ironical of smiles.

"True enough; poplars should only be planted on poor soil," saidCruchot, amazed at Grandet's calculations. 50 off human hair wigs

"Y-y-yes, monsieur," answered the old man satirically. products for human hair wigs

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