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"Immediately, your excellency," said Stephen, getting a largesoup ladle out of the sideboard, which was decorated with anumber of silver vases. He made a sign with his head to thehandsome footman, who began at once to arrange the untouchedknives and forks and the napkin, elaborately folded with theembroidered family crest uppermost, in front of the empty placenext to Missy. Nekhludoff went round shaking hands with everyone, and all, except old Korchagin and the ladies, rose when heapproached. And this walk round the table, this shaking the handsof people, with many of whom he never talked, seemed unpleasantand odd. He excused himself for being late, and was about to sitdown between Missy and Katerina Alexeevna, but old Korchagininsisted that if he would not take a glass of vodka he should atleast take a bit of something to whet his appetite, at the sidetable, on which stood small dishes of lobster, caviare, cheese,and salt herrings. Nekhludoff did not know how hungry he wasuntil he began to eat, and then, having taken some bread andcheese, he went on eating eagerly. wig stand

"Well, have you succeeded in undermining the basis of society?"asked Kolosoff, ironically quoting an expression used by aretrograde newspaper in attacking trial by jury. "Acquitted theculprits and condemned the innocent, have you?" wig app

"Undermining the basis,undermining the basis," repeated PrinceKorchagin, laughing. He had a firm faith in the wisdom andlearning of his chosen friend and companion. wig acronym

At the risk of seeming rude, Nekhludoff left Kolosoff's questionunanswered, and sitting down to his steaming soup, went oneating. wig accessories

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