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The stranger was the only person surprised by this scene; all theothers were well-used to the despotic ways of the master. However,after the two questions and the two replies had been exchanged, thenewcomer rose, turned his back towards the fire, lifted one foot so asto warm the sole of its boot, and said to Eugenie,, 50 dollar human hair wigs

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"Thank you, my cousin, but I dined at Tours. And," he added, lookingat Grandet, "I need nothing; I am not even tired."

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"Monsieur has come from the capital?" asked Madame des Grassins.Monsieur Charles,,such was the name of the son of Monsieur Grandet ofParis,,hearing himself addressed, took a little eye-glass, suspendedby a chain from his neck, applied it to his right eye to examine whatwas on the table, and also the persons sitting round it. He ogledMadame des Grassins with much impertinence, and said to her, after hehad observed all he wished,, human hair wigs for african american

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