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The inspector, the same officer who had directed Nekhludoff tothe women's ward, and whose interest he seemed to have aroused,came into the room, and, seeing Nekhludoff not at the net, askedhim why he was not talking to her whom he wanted to see.Nekhludoff blew his nose, gave himself a shake, and, trying toappear calm, said:

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"It's so inconvenient through these nets; nothing can be heard." oil for human hair wigs

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Again the inspector considered for a moment.

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"Ah, well, she can be brought out here for awhile. MaryKarlovna," turning to the warder, "lead Maslova out."

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A minute later Maslova came out of the side door. Steppingsoftly, she came up close to Nekhludoff, stopped, and looked upat him from under her brows. Her black hair was arranged inringlets over her forehead in the same way as it had been twodays ago; her face, though unhealthy and puffy, was attractive,and looked perfectly calm, only the glittering black eyes glancedstrangely from under the swollen lids.

"You may talk here," said the inspector, and shrugging hisshoulders he stepped aside with a look of surprise. Nekhludoffmoved towards a seat by the wall.

Maslova cast a questioning look at the inspector, and then,shrugging her shoulders in surprise, followed Nekhludoff to thebench, and having arranged her skirt, sat down beside him.

"I know it is hard for you to forgive me," he began, but stopped.His tears were choking him. "But though I can't undo the past, Ishall now do what is in my power. Tell me,"

"How have you managed to find me?" she said, without answeringhis question, neither looking away from him nor quite at him,with her squinting eyes.

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