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She tore herself away from him and returned into the maids' room.He heard the latch click, and then all was quiet. The red lightdisappeared and only the mist remained, and the bustle on theriver went on. Nekhludoff went up to the window, nobody was to beseen; he knocked, but got no answer. He went back into the houseby the front door, but could not sleep. He got up and went withbare feet along the passage to her door, next Matrona Pavlovna'sroom. He heard Matrona Pavlovna snoring quietly, and was about togo on when she coughed and turned on her creaking bed, and hisheart fell, and he stood immovable for about five minutes. Whenall was quiet and she began to snore peacefully again, he wenton, trying to step on the boards that did not creak, and came toKatusha's door. There was no sound to be heard. She was probablyawake, or else he would have heard her breathing. But as soon ashe had whispered "Katusha" she jumped up and began to persuadehim, as if angrily, to go away.

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"Open! Let me in just for a moment! I implore you! He hardly knewwhat he was saying.

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