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At last Matthew Nikitich also arrived, and the usher, a thin man,with a long neck and a kind of sideways walk, his nether lipprotruding to one side, which made him resemble a turkey, cameinto the jurymen's room.

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This usher was an honest man, and had a university education, butcould not keep a place for any length of time, as he was subjectto fits of drunkenness. Three months before a certain countess,who patronised his wife, had found him this place, and he wasvery pleased to have kept it so long. 30 human hair wigs

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"Well, sirs, is everybody here?" he asked, putting his pince-nezon his nose, and looking round.

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"Everybody, I think," said the jolly merchant. 100 human hair 3 4 wigs

"All right; we'll soon see." And, taking a list from his pocket,he began calling out the names, looking at the men, sometimesthrough and sometimes over his pince-nez.

"Councillor of State, [grades such as this are common in Russia,and mean very little] J. M. Nikiforoff!"

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