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This conversation, held through the closed door, was like an episodein a poem to Eugenie. human hair wigs for cancer patients

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"Well, then, we will bring your breakfast to your own room, so as notto annoy my father."

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She ran to the kitchen with the swiftness and lightness of a bird."Nanon, go and do his room!"

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That staircase, so often traversed, which echoed to the slightestnoise, now lost its decaying aspect in the eyes of Eugenie. It grewluminous; it had a voice and spoke to her; it was young like herself,,young like the love it was now serving. Her mother, her kind,indulgent mother, lent herself to the caprices of the child's love,and after the room was put in order, both went to sit with the unhappyyouth and keep him company. Does not Christian charity makeconsolation a duty? The two women drew a goodly number of littlesophistries from their religion wherewith to justify their conduct.Charles was made the object of the tenderest and most loving care. Hissaddened heart felt the sweetness of the gentle friendship, theexquisite sympathy which these two souls, crushed under perpetualrestraint, knew so well how to display when, for an instant, they wereleft unfettered in the regions of suffering, their natural sphere.Claiming the right of relationship, Eugenie began to fold the linenand put in order the toilet articles which Charles had brought; thusshe could marvel at her ease over each luxurious bauble and thevarious knick-knacks of silver or chased gold, which she held long inher hand under a pretext of examining them. Charles could not seewithout emotion the generous interest his aunt and cousin felt in him;he knew society in Paris well enough to feel assured that, placed ashe now was, he would find all hearts indifferent or cold. Eugenie thusappeared to him in the splendor of a special beauty, and fromthenceforth he admired the innocence of life and manners which theprevious evening he had been inclined to ridicule. So when Eugenietook from Nanon the bowl of coffee and cream, and began to pour it outfor her cousin with the simplicity of real feeling, giving him akindly glance, the eyes of the Parisian filled with tears; he took herhand and kissed it.

"What troubles you?" she said.

"Oh! these are tears of gratitude," he answered.

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