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"What was the meaning of it all? Was it a great joy or a greatmisfortune that had befallen him?" he asked himself.

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The next day the gay, handsome, and brilliant Schonbock joinedNekhludoff at his aunts' house, and quite won their hearts by hisrefined and amiable manner, his high spirits, his generosity, andhis affection for Dmitri. 3/4 cap human hair wigs

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But though the old ladies admired his generosity it ratherperplexed them, for it seemed exaggerated. He gave a rouble tosome blind beggars who came to the gate, gave 15 roubles in tipsto the servants, and when Sophia Ivanovna's pet dog hurt his pawand it bled, he tore his hemstitched cambric handkerchief intostrips (Sophia Ivanovna knew that such handkerchiefs cost atleast 15 roubles a dozen) and bandaged the dog's foot. The oldladies had never met people of this kind, and did not know thatSchonbock owed 200,000 roubles which he was never going to pay,and that therefore 25 roubles more or less did not matter a bitto him. Schonbock stayed only one day, and he and Nekhludoffboth, left at night. They could not stay away from their regimentany longer, for their leave was fully up.

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