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By an agreement with the president this case was to be tried inthe coming session at a provincial town, where there would bemore peasants, and, therefore, more chances of conviction. best human hair wigs 2013

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The movement in the corridor increased. The people crowded mostat the doors of the Civil Court, in which the case that thedignified man talked about was being heard. 30 human hair wigs

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An interval in the proceeding occurred, and the old woman cameout of the court, whose property that genius of an advocate hadfound means of getting for his client, a person versed in law whohad no right to it whatever. The judges knew all about the case,and the advocate and his client knew it better still, but themove they had invented was such that it was impossible not totake the old woman's property and not to hand it over to theperson versed in law. human hair wigs under $15

The old woman was stout, well dressed, and had enormous flowerson her bonnet; she stopped as she came out of the door, andspreading out her short fat arms and turning to her advocate, shekept repeating. "What does it all mean? just fancy!"

The advocate was looking at the flowers in her bonnet, andevidently not listening to her, but considering some question orother.

Next to the old woman, out of the door of the Civil Court, hisbroad, starched shirt front glistening from under his low-cutwaistcoat, with a self-satisfied look on his face, came thecelebrated advocate who had managed to arrange matters so thatthe old woman lost all she had, and the person versed in the lawreceived more than 100,000 roubles. The advocate passed close tothe old woman, and, feeling all eyes directed towards him, hiswhole bearing seemed to say: "No expressions of deference arerequired."



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