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"Well, gentlemen, what are we to say, then?" inquired theforeman. "Shall we say she is guilty, but without intent to rob?And without stealing any property? Will that do?" PeterGerasimovitch, pleased with his victory, agreed. 2 toned human hair wig

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"But she must be recommended to mercy," said the merchant. best human hair wigs 2013

All agreed; only the old artelshik insisted that they should say"Not guilty."

"It comes to the same thing," explained the foreman; "withoutintent to rob, and without stealing any property. Therefore, 'Notguilty,' that's evident."

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"All right; that'll do. And we recommend her to mercy," said themerchant, gaily. human hair wigs 2016

They were all so tired, so confused by the discussions, thatnobody thought of saying that she was guilty of giving the powderbut without the intent of taking life. Nekhludoff was so excitedthat he did not notice this omission, and so the answers werewritten down in the form agreed upon and taken to the court.

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