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"Mademoiselle, in speaking of this young girl we shall speak of you.Listen! If you wish to insure your salvation you have only two pathsto take,,either leave the world or obey its laws. Obey either yourearthly destiny or your heavenly destiny." human hair wigs 2014

"Ah! your voice speaks to me when I need to hear a voice. Yes, God hassent you to me; I will bid farewell to the world and live for Godalone, in silence and seclusion." human hair wigs new zealand

"My daughter, you must think long before you take so violent a step.Marriage is life, the veil is death."

"Yes, death,,a quick death!" she said, with dreadful eagerness."Death? but you have great obligations to fulfil to society,mademoiselle. Are you not the mother of the poor, to whom you giveclothes and wood in winter and work in summer? Your great fortune is aloan which you must return, and you have sacredly accepted it as such.To bury yourself in a convent would be selfishness; to remain an oldmaid is to fail in duty. In the first place, can you manage your vastproperty alone? May you not lose it? You will have law-suits, you willfind yourself surrounded by inextricable difficulties. Believe yourpastor: a husband is useful; you are bound to preserve what God hasbestowed upon you. I speak to you as a precious lamb of my flock. Youlove God too truly not to find your salvation in the midst of hisworld, of which you are noble ornament and to which you owe yourexample."

At this moment Madame des Grassins was announced. She came incited byvengeance and the sense of a great despair. brazilian tress human hair wig zen

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"Mademoiselle," she said,"Ah! here is monsieur le cure; I am silent.I came to speak to you on business; but I see that you are conferringwith,"

"Madame," said the cure, "I leave the field to you."

"Oh! monsieur le cure," said Eugenie, "come back later; your supportis very necessary to me just now."

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