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On the way to the Law Courts, passing along the same streets withthe same isvostchik as the day before, he was surprised what adifferent being he felt himself to be. The marriage with Missy,which only yesterday seemed so probable, appeared quiteimpossible now. The day before he felt it was for him to choose,and had no doubts that she would be happy to marry him; to-day hefelt himself unworthy not only of marrying, but even of beingintimate with her. "If she only knew what I am, nothing wouldinduce her to receive me. And only yesterday I was finding faultwith her because she flirted with N,-. Anyhow, even if sheconsented to marry me, could I be, I won't say happy, but atpeace, knowing that the other was here in prison, and wouldto-day or to-morrow he taken to Siberia with a gang of otherprisoners, while I accepted congratulations and made calls withmy young wife; or while I count the votes at the meetings, forand against the motion brought forward by the rural inspection,etc., together with the Marechal de Noblesse, whom I abominablydeceive, and afterwards make appointments with his wife (howabominable!) or while I continue to work at my picture, whichwill certainly never get finished? Besides, I have no business towaste time on such things. I can do nothing of the kind now," hecontinued to himself, rejoicing at the change he felt withinhimself. "The first thing now is to see the advocate and find outhis decision, and then . . . then go and see her and tell hereverything."

And when he pictured to himself how he would see her, and tellher all, confess his sin to her, and tell her that he would doall in his power to atone for his sin, he was touched at his owngoodness, and the tears came to his eyes. human hair wigs york

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human hair wigs york

THE ABSURDITY OF LAW,REFLECTIONS OF A JURYMAN. human hair wigs you can style

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