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"Say sixty thousand francs," said the notary.

"I am willing; c-c-comes t-t-to sixty th-th-thousand. Very good,"continued Grandet, without stuttering: "two thousand poplars fortyyears old will only yield me fifty thousand francs. There's a loss. Ihave found that myself," said Grandet, getting on his high horse."Jean, fill up all the holes except those at the bank of the river;there you are to plant the poplars I have bought. Plant 'em there, andthey'll get nourishment from the government," he said, turning toCruchot, and giving a slight motion to the wen on his nose, whichexpressed more than the most ironical of smiles.

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"True enough; poplars should only be planted on poor soil," saidCruchot, amazed at Grandet's calculations.

"Y-y-yes, monsieur," answered the old man satirically. zara human hair wigs

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Eugenie, who was gazing at the sublime scenery of the Loire, andpaying no attention to her father's reckonings, presently turned anear to the remarks of Cruchot when she heard him say,, short human hair wigs youtube

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"So you have brought a son-in-law from Paris. All Saumur is talkingabout your nephew. I shall soon have the marriage-contract to draw up,hey! Pere Grandet?"

"You g-g-got up very early to t-t-tell me that," said Grandet,accompanying the remark with a motion of his wen. "Well, oldc-c-comrade, I'll be frank, and t-t-tell you what you want t-t-toknow. I would rather, do you see, f-f-fling my daughter into the Loirethan g-g-give her to her c-c-cousin. You may t-t-tell that everywhere,,no, never mind; let the world t-t-talk."

This answer dazzled and blinded the young girl with sudden light. Thedistant hopes upspringing in her heart bloomed suddenly, became real,tangible, like a cluster of flowers, and she saw them cut down andwilting on the earth. Since the previous evening she had attachedherself to Charles by those links of happiness which bind soul tosoul; from henceforth suffering was to rivet them. Is it not the nobledestiny of women to be more moved by the dark solemnities of griefthan by the splendors of fortune? How was it that fatherly feeling haddied out of her father's heart? Of what crime had Charles been guilty?Mysterious questions! Already her dawning love, a mystery so profound,was wrapping itself in mystery. She walked back trembling in all herlimbs; and when she reached the gloomy street, lately so joyous toher, she felt its sadness, she breathed the melancholy which time andevents had printed there. None of love's lessons lacked. A few stepsfrom their own door she went on before her father and waited at thethreshold. But Grandet, who saw a newspaper in the notary's hand,stopped short and asked,,

"How are the Funds?"

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