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"What is 'failing,' father?" asked Eugenie.

"To fail," answered her father, "is to commit the most dishonorableaction that can disgrace a man." synthetic vs human hair wigs

"It must be a great sin," said Madame Grandet, "and our brother may bedamned."

"There, there, don't begin with your litanies!" said Grandet,shrugging his shoulders. "To fail, Eugenie," he resumed, "is to commita theft which the law, unfortunately, takes under its protection.People have given their property to Guillaume Grandet trusting to hisreputation for honor and integrity; he has made away with it all, andleft them nothing but their eyes to weep with. A highway robber isbetter than a bankrupt: the one attacks you and you can defendyourself, he risks his own life; but the other,in short, Charles isdishonored." problems with human hair wigs

The words rang in the poor girl's heart and weighed it down with theirheavy meaning. Upright and delicate as a flower born in the depths ofa forest, she knew nothing of the world's maxims, of its deceitfularguments and specious sophisms; she therefore believed the atrociousexplanation which her father gave her designedly, concealing thedistinction which exists between an involuntary failure and anintentional one.

"Father, could you not have prevented such a misfortune?""My brother did not consult me. Besides, he owes four millions.""What is a 'million,' father?" she asked, with the simplicity of achild which thinks it can find out at once all that it wants to know."A million?" said Grandet, "why, it is a million pieces of twenty souseach, and it takes five twenty sous pieces to make five francs.""Dear me!" cried Eugenie, "how could my uncle possibly have had fourmillions? Is there any one else in France who ever had so manymillions?" Pere Grandet stroked his chin, smiled, and his wen seemedto dilate. "But what will become of my cousin Charles?"

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"He is going off to the West Indies by his father's request, and hewill try to make his fortune there."

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"Has he got the money to go with?"

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