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"That doesn't prove anything," said Monsieur des Grassins; "the oldmiser is always making mysteries."

"Des Grassins, my friend, I have invited the young man to dinner. Youmust go and ask Monsieur and Madame de Larsonniere and the du Hautoys,with the beautiful demoiselle du Hautoy, of course. I hope she will beproperly dressed; that jealous mother of hers does make such a frightof her! Gentlemen, I trust that you will all do us the honor to come,"she added, stopping the procession to address the two Cruchots."Here you are at home, madame," said the notary. human hair wigs vaughan

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After bowing to the three des Grassins, the three Cruchots returnedhome, applying their provincial genius for analysis to studying, underall its aspects, the great event of the evening, which undoubtedlychanged the respective positions of Grassinists and Cruchotines. Theadmirable common-sense which guided all the actions of these greatmachinators made each side feel the necessity of a momentary allianceagainst a common enemy. Must they not mutually hinder Eugenie fromloving her cousin, and the cousin from thinking of Eugenie? Could theParisian resist the influence of treacherous insinuations, soft-spokencalumnies, slanders full of faint praise and artless denials, whichshould be made to circle incessantly about him and deceive him?IV human hair wigs vaughan

When the four relations were left alone, Monsieur Grandet said to hisnephew,,

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"We must go to bed. It is too late to talk about the matters whichhave brought you here; to-morrow we will take a suitable moment. Webreakfast at eight o'clock; at midday we eat a little fruit or a bitof bread, and drink a glass of white wine; and we dine, like theParisians, at five o'clock. That's the order of the day. If you liketo go and see the town and the environs you are free to do so. Youwill excuse me if my occupations do not permit me to accompany you.You may perhaps hear people say that I am rich,,Monsieur Grandetthis, Monsieur Grandet that. I let them talk; their gossip does nothurt my credit. But I have not a penny; I work in my old age like anapprentice whose worldly goods are a bad plane and two good arms.Perhaps you'll soon know yourself what a franc costs when you have gotto sweat for it. Nanon, where are the candles?" human hair wigs za

"I trust, my nephew, that you will find all you want," said MadameGrandet; "but if you should need anything else, you can call Nanon.""My dear aunt, I shall need nothing; I have, I believe, broughteverything with me. Permit me to bid you good-night, and my youngcousin also."

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