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The third question, concerning Maslova, raised a fierce dispute.The foreman maintained she was guilty both of the poisoning andthe theft, to which the merchant would not agree. The colonel,the clerk and the old artelshik sided with the merchant, the restseemed shaky, and the opinion of the foreman began to gainground, chiefly because all the jurymen were getting tired, andpreferred to take up the view that would bring them sooner to adecision and thus liberate them. human hair wigs virginia

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From all that had passed, and from his former knowledge ofMaslova, Nekhludoff was certain that she was innocent of both thetheft and the poisoning. And he felt sure that all the otherswould come to the same conclusion. When he saw that themerchant's awkward defence (evidently based on his physicaladmiration for her, which he did not even try to hide) and theforeman's insistence, and especially everybody's weariness, wereall tending to her condemnation, he longed to state hisobjections, yet dared not, lest his relations with Maslova shouldbe discovered. He felt he could not allow things to go on withoutstating his objection; and, blushing and growing pale again, wasabout to speak when Peter Gerasimovitch, irritated by theauthoritative manner of the foreman, began to raise hisobjections and said the very things Nekhludoff was about to say.

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"Allow me one moment," he said. "You seem to think that herhaving the key proves she is guilty of the theft; but what couldbe easier than for the servants to open the portmanteau with afalse key after she was gone?

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"Of course, of course," said the merchant.

"She could not have taken the money, because in her position shewould hardly know what to do with it."

"That's just what I say," remarked the merchant.

"But it is very likely that her coming put the idea into theservants' heads and that they grasped the opportunity and shovedall the blame on her." Peter Gerasimovitch spoke so irritablythat the foreman became irritated too, and went on obstinatelydefending the opposite views; but Peter Gerasimovitch spoke soconvincingly that the majority agreed with him, and decided thatMaslova was not guilty of stealing the money and that the ringwas given her.

But when the question of her having taken part in the poisoningwas raised, her zealous defender, the merchant, declared that shemust be acquitted, because she could have no reason for thepoisoning. The foreman, however, said that it was impossible toacquit her, because she herself had pleaded guilty to havinggiven the powder.

"Yes, but thinking it was opium," said the merchant.

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