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Botchkova was forty-three years old, and came from the town ofKalomna. She, too, had been in service at the Hotel Mauritania.

"I have never been tried before, and have received a copy of theindictment." She gave her answers boldly, in a tone of voice asif she meant to add to each answer, "And I don't care who knowsit, and I won't stand any nonsense."

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She did not wait to be told, but sat down as soon as she hadreplied to the last question.

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"Your name?" turning abruptly to the third prisoner. "You willhave to rise," he added, softly and gently, seeing that Maslovakept her seat.

Maslova got up and stood, with her chest expanded, looking at thepresident with that peculiar expression of readiness in hersmiling black eyes.

"What is your name?"

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"Lubov," she said. human hair wigs with side bangs

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