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"Where could we have got the money?"

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"I would have pledged my own property. Besides, Monsieur des Grassinswould have,"

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"It is too late," said Eugenie in a broken, hollow voice. "To-morrowmorning we must go and wish him a happy New Year in his chamber.""But, my daughter, why should I not consult the Cruchots?""No, no; it would be delivering me up to them, and putting ourselvesin their power. Besides, I have chosen my course. I have done right, Irepent of nothing. God will protect me. His will be done! Ah! mother,if you had read his letter, you, too, would have thought only of him."The next morning, January 1, 1820, the horrible fear to which motherand daughter were a prey suggested to their minds a natural excuse bywhich to escape the solemn entrance into Grandet's chamber. The winterof 1819-1820 was one of the coldest of that epoch. The snow encumberedthe roofs.

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Madame Grandet called to her husband as soon as she heard him stirringin his chamber, and said,,

"Grandet, will you let Nanon light a fire here for me? The cold is sosharp that I am freezing under the bedclothes. At my age I need somecomforts. Besides," she added, after a slight pause, "Eugenie shallcome and dress here; the poor child might get an illness from dressingin her cold room in such weather. Then we will go and wish you a happyNew Year beside the fire in the hall." u part human hair wigs for cheap

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