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When the reading of the indictment was over, the president, afterhaving consulted the members, turned to Kartinkin, with anexpression that plainly said: Now we shall find out the wholetruth down to the minutest detail.

"Peasant Simeon Kartinkin," he said, stooping to the left.

Simeon Kartinkin got up, stretched his arms down his sides, andleaning forward with his whole body, continued moving his cheeksinaudibly.

"You are accused of having on the 17th January, 188,, togetherwith Euphemia Botchkova and Katerina Maslova, stolen money from aportmanteau belonging to the merchant Smelkoff, and then, havingprocured some arsenic, persuaded Katerina Maslova to give it tothe merchant Smelkoff in a glass of brandy, which was the causeof Smelkoff's death. Do you plead guilty?" said the president,stooping to the right. human hair wigs u part

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"Not nohow, because our business is to attend on the lodgers,and,"

"You'll tell us that afterwards. Do you plead guilty?"

"Oh, no, sir. I only,," human hair wigs virginia

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